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why you need a content marketing strategy

Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing isn’t difficult or elusive. It only looks so if you try to play football with your content marketing, without any idea of where the goal post is 🙂   Consistency & Persistence Make a Content Marketing Strategy Successful   A content marketing strategy is like your game plan. It is what you are…

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Strategy for Content Marketing Spend Less Than 45$/mo

You want to do content marketing. You are a start-up and have budget constraints. Marketing tools cost an arm and a leg. Your content marketing spend will be beyond you based on your current calculations. If only there was a way for you to shine out without breaking your bank accounts…a content marketing budget that…

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what content type should you create?

5 Easy & Doable Content Types That Are Trending

Content marketing requires creating content consistently, relentlessly and creatively. More is better. And also tougher. What content types should you create? What is easy? What works? If you are a company without a full fledged content marketing team on board, one of the reasons why content marketing looks daunting could be your lack of talent…

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what is a content marketing strategy

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing strategy is one of those catchwords which everyone likes to use, yet few understand. Most of the definitions I found on the internet sound like something out of a textbook which I would mug up for an exam, but which by itself made no sense to me. So I decided to create a…

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design resources

16 Design Resources for Marketers & Designers

As the digital world goes visual, designers & marketers are under mounting pressure to churn out mind blowing graphics on all platforms & channels – social media, presentations, websites, landing pages…the list is long. Solution: many new design resources have blossomed online to keep up with this requirement. Design is no longer what it was…

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What Clickbait Headlines Do and Don’t Do

When I think of “clickbait” I somehow think of a type of food for fish on a hook, and a fish swimming along and clicking on it. Somewhat of a superimposition of two mental images – real life and rectangular screen life – but that’s what clickbait looks like in my head. What started off…

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