We are a team of creative, inspired, passionate folks who love what we do and doing it well is the only way of doing anything we know of!

As one of the principles of work culture, this is an entirely remotely coordinated team, which brings the best talent that there is to converge on every project we undertake.

People work best when they are allowed to work where they like, when they like and when they are their own bosses. Everyone gets feedback; no one gets any offence 🙂 Everyone works as a remote consultant.

Arti Agarwal


Arti Agarwal, who is something of an iconoclast, walked out of a high paying Oilfield job at Schlumberger to work as a freebird and independent consultant for 7 yrs. She was (and still is) a writer, photographer, designer, and ofcourse, content marketer & copywriter. Over time she couldn’t ignore the many loopholes in the way…

Aditya Khakhria

UI/UX Designer & Developer

Information engineer turned UI/UX designer & developer. Based in Gandhidham, Gujrat. Lives the creative lifestyle!

Sanchit Khera


Writer who knows how to hack any type of audience’s attention with words!

Alpana Agarwal

Copy Editor

Writer & editor, no typos or spellos or slang can escape her!

Grant Mucha

SEO Expert & Web Developer

He is the guy to go to, when something is not working! The Swiss Army knife of developer skills & technical know-how of marketing!